Jamaican Cultural Association of Nova Scotia (JCANS)

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Halifax, Nova Scotia , Canada
Jamaican Cultural Association of Nova Scotia (JCANS)
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Jamaican Cultural Association of Nova Scotia (JCANS)

Halifax, Nova Scotia , Canada


The mission of the Jamaican Cultural Association of Nova Scotia (JCANS) is to preserve and promote Jamaican historical and cultural heritage within Nova Scotia.

The JCANS are a volunteer-driven association consisting of a diverse group of locals, newcomers, students, professionals and active retirees with direct heritage/ ties to and allied support for the renowned Island of Jamaica.

It was founded is 2012 (the year that Jamaica celebrated 50 years of Independence).

We meet and uphold our mission statement by engaging in the following activities:
(a) Education: we provide students with Jamaican heritage living in NS and JA with bursaries and school sponsorship.
(b) Welcoming committees: select group members are responsible for providing newcomers with support and access to resources.
(c) Accessing resources and necessities: clothing, food, social and health services, and employment counselling.
(d) Hosting networking events
(e) Unity and collaboaration with community partners
(f) Historical contribution of Jamaicans in NS: Jamaican Maroons

Source: facebook.com/Jamaican-Cultural-Association-of-Nova-Scotia


Halifax, Nova Scotia , Canada

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