Greenville United Baptist Church


DESCRIPTION OF HISTORIC PLACE The Greenville African Baptist Church is a simple Vernacular style building that was built in 1853 by and for the people of Greenville, Yarmouth County, NS - a small community northeast of the Town of Yarmouth. Municipal HERITAGE VALUE The Greenville African Baptist Church is valued as the oldest church still standing that was built for a Black community in Yarmouth County and for its association with Rev. David Dies, an early Deacon of the church. It is also valued for its unique Vernacular style of architecture. The Greenville African Baptist Church was built in 1853 by and for the Black residents of this community. The land on which the church was built was owned at the time by George Gideon Dies, a lay member of the church, who deeded it to the Trustees of the African Church at Greenville in 1869. The Rev. David Dies, brother of George G. Dies, served as Pastor to this community for many years and lived to the memorable age of one hundred and ten years. The Vernacular style of this church is unique in that much of its framing is on the exterior of the building. It is otherwise a simple, relatively unadorned, front gabled building of rectangular massing. Source: Canada's Historic Places Greenville African Baptist Church


726 Greenville Road
Greenville, Nova Scotia B5A 4A8

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