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Black Nova Scotia News was originally created as a Facebook page on May 10, 2010 – originally titled ‘Black Nova Scotian News Network’, then switching to ‘Black Nova Scotian News’. It was inspired by an article written by Sherri Borden Colley titled ‘Are African Nova Scotians getting a raw deal in prison?’ Since then, the page would go on to include not only news items, but also historical information and community listings. As of March 2018, the page grew to have over 7300 followers from Nova Scotia, Canada and around the world. In March of 2018, a replacement Facebook page was created, titled ‘New Black Nova Scotia News’ in response to an internet hack that had taken place on the original page. The original page’s administration was downgraded to mere moderator status and unable to update and post on behalf of the page. This was (and is) deeply frustrating. To date, Facebook has yet to fully correct the error despite numerous trouble-tickets and complaints having been submitted. Plans had been in motion to establish as an official website. Despite the setback, is now proudly and officially launched. In keeping with it’s original mandate, aims to help keep people of African descent, particularly those from, or with ties to Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada, up to date with happenings in the news that pertain to or are of interest to the Black communities of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.


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