The African Nova Scotian Directory (ANSD) is a service that connects people to the African Nova Scotian community online.


ANSD offers site visitors the ability to search for or contribute to a comprehensive public database of African Nova Scotian points of interest, including, but not limited to, culture, food, business, spirituality, education, and music.


The African Nova Scotian Directory is an integral part of Nova Scotia’s virtual landscape by offering an expansive public database of businesses, events, and cultural information. In today’s fast-paced, technologically advanced, information-driven society, an online directory will draw positive attention to business, arts, and cultural opportunities originating from Canada’s most prominent indigenous black population.


ANSD has identified three keys that will improve unity and awareness thought-out the African Nova Scotian community.


The first key is to improve access to information sharing throughout the African Nova Scotian community by creating a comprehensive database.


The second key is to provide a centralized platform where individuals, businesses, societies, organizations, and government groups can implement communication strategies that increase awareness of programs, services, and events within the African Nova Scotian community and abroad.


The last key is to offer attractive time-sensitive advertising packages that enable advertisers to benefit from the high traffic potential of ANSD.

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