Informal prayer and worship meetings were formed and the community residents took turns hosting services each week out of their homes. Eventually a sanctuary was constructed from an old farmhouse in the community of Upper Big Tracadie (UBT) and was named “Tracadie Church.” For reasons unknown, the structure was moved from UBT to Tracadie Road (Highway #16) in Monastery (Circa 1822). Within the year, unknown controversy from the locals forced another move of the structurally compromised building to the Antigonish/Guysborough border of Tracadie Road where the church stands to this present day. The Tracadie Church of God has been the fabric and foundation binding this region together for almost two and a half centuries. TUBC is a house of worship with traditional values that WELCOMES EVERYONE from EVERYWHERE, from EVERY walk of life. We offer prayer, not judgment!

If you’re seeking a church family, prayer, support, guidance and fellowship, we invite you to come visit us. Perhaps you have given up on church. Maybe you have attended church before, but you were not able to find your place, understand the message clearly, or connect with the people in that church. We desire to be a church where the un-churched, the formerly churched, and those wanting to know more about God can find hope, restoration, connect with new friends, discover God's plan for their life, and grow spiritually.

At TUBC, we seek to develop full-time followers of Christ by implementing three simple principles: Faith, Hope and LOVE.

~Authored by S. Crawford
Source: Tracadie United Baptist Church


Tracadie United Baptist Church is a Gothic Revival style church located at 274 Highway #16 Monastery, Nova Scotia. The church was built on the current border between Antigonish County and Guysborough County and serves both counties. The building and surrounding property are included in the municipal designation.

Tracadie United Baptist Church is valued for its association as the second oldest African Nova Scotian congregation in Nova Scotia.

In 1787, Black Loyalists first settled in the Tracadie district. They had escaped slavery and war in the Southern colonies to settle in Nova Scotia where they continued to face many difficulties. They were restricted from worshiping at the area’s existing churches and had to travel great distances to be baptized and have their spiritual needs met. As a result, these Black Loyalists began holding their own services where space was available, most often in private homes. After some years a decision was made to build their own church. Construction of this church was begun in Tracadie in 1821.

Tracadie United Baptist Church is valued for its association with preacher, David Nutter who arrived in the Tracadie district about 1821. His dynamic personality and the conviction of his message was so compelling that many of the community became followers of the Baptist faith. With the congregation established, a church was built under the name Tracadie United Baptist Church.

Tracadie United Baptist Church is a valued symbol of African Nova Scotian pride, accomplishment, freedom and unity. Despite hardship, and segregation, the congregation organized and maintained a church themselves. Today, the Tracadie United Baptist Church continues to hold regular services and act as an instrument of spiritual renewal and beacon of community spirit.

Tracadie United Baptist Church is valued as an example of Gothic Revival style churches in late nineteenth-century Nova Scotia. The church’s simple construction is evident in its one-and-a-half storey design, gable roof and symmetrical three-bay façade. Tracadie United Baptist Church also features Gothic elements such as Gothic windows with pointed arches.

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