Nurturing Strong African Nova Scotian Families Parenting Program

1799 Highway 7 East Preston Nova Scotia

Open to residents across Nova Scotia. This parenting program was developed specifically for African Nova Scotian parents/caregivers raising African Nova Scotian children; recognizing the cultural, racial, and historical factors that impact African Nova Scotian families and the specific task the parent/caregivers of (ANS) parents have in helping their children understand and respond to the realities of race and culture.

The Nurturing Strong African Nova Scotian Families parenting program was developed in response to the lack of culturally specific parenting programs that address the realities of African Nova Scotians parents and children. The program is grounded in important research out of Canada and the United States on the historical and lived realities of Black families, parents and children. In addition, the program includes valuable and ongoing feedback provided by African Nova Scotian parents.

The Nurturing Strong African Nova Scotian Families parenting program is based on the belief that the family and the community have a shared responsibility to care for and protect their children which is best captured in the African proverb, ”It takes a village to raise a child.” it also focuses on cultural pride reinforcement (CPR) which includes teaching and modelling for children how to feel good about themselves and their cultural heritage.

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  • Monday 08 am - 04 pm
  • Tuesday 08 am - 04 pm
  • Wednesday 08 am - 04 pm
  • Thursday 08 am - 04 pm
  • Friday 08 am - 04 pm



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