Count It All Joy: By George Borden

Nova Scotia, Canada

Welcome to a domain unlike any that you have to date encountered. Count It All Joy! contains: Cultural history; religious observations, experiences and gospel songs; military triumphs and tributes; childhood musings and memories; life’s ebb and flow of happiness and sadness; sports and athletic achievements; a capsule account of notable black achievers and a potpourri of wisdom words, phrases and narratives.

This eclectic volume of largely poetic content, encompasses the total range of involuntary ideas, thoughts, images, reflections and outright “anointings” of the author (an almost biographical account) over a lifetime period of 80 years … plus.

You will be surprised by a poetic account of the black experience from “mother” Africa to seaside Nova Scotia, mainly via the United States of America, and as well The Caribbean, but as well recent generations of direct immigrants.

Your religious insight will be dramatically enhanced by totally evolutionary approaches to telling “The Old Old Story.”

Poems of tribute to Canada’s long military history, with emphasis on the little known Black Battalion (army) of World War One, will prove most enlightening as regards untold accounts of black men’s metal under fire … both military and civilian.

You will be transported back to your years of youth and childhood, through the eyes and memories of yesteryear, when underprivileged black children sought fun and pleasure from the most unlikely adventures, and young black boys struggled to “be someone,” in a most inhospitable white world.

Memorable occasions of love, romance, flowers and chocolates, aging and death, are all unveiled in imagined and actual experiential accounts.

The profound impact of black participation in Sports and athletics will astonish even those who consider themselves well-versed in both recreational and professional stats and standings.

A short list of accomplished blacks might astonish you to know how far they’ve come and how much push-back they have endured, to become legitimate success stories, through their personal determination.

Under the broad title “Words of Wisdom,” you will find a compilation of expressions (long and short) reflecting the inner thoughts and deep-seeded feelings regarding a long life of experiences.

May you find meaning and confirmation, education and perhaps some measure of enlightenment as you negotiate your way through this intriguing domain.

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