The Council on African Canadian Education (CACE) The Council on African Canadian Education (CACE) is the outgrowth of the Black Learners Advisory Committee (BLAC). Formed in 1990, the BLAC was the response to ongoing struggles of African Nova Scotians to eliminate racism and receive equity in education.

In order to fulfill its mandate, the BLAC released a comprehensive study in December 1994. Encompassing 46 recommendations, the report was entitled the BLAC Report on Education – Redressing Inequity, Empowering Black Learners. One of the primary recommendations stated that the BLAC have its status modified to a provincial advisory council. In January 1996, the Nova Scotia Legislature formalized this recommendation and CACE came into being.

Recommendation #1 of the BLAC Report states that:
The Minister of Education elevate the Black Learners’ Advisory Committee to a Council on African Canadian Education to monitor and continually analyze the policies of the Department of Education with respect to the needs of Black learners and educators; to develop a partnership with senior education administrators and as a mechanism for enhancing the status and functions of the BLAC vis-a-vis local school boards and post-secondary educational institutions.

Source: http://www.cace.ns.ca/

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