Business is Jammin’ shapes youth into vibrant members of the business community. We work with young people through a range of educational, social, mentorship, and financial support programs to build business acumen and leadership skills. In the last decade we’ve helped inspire thousands of program participants to stay in school, start up their own ventures, and bring an exceptional level of professionalism to any workplace.

Business is Jammin’ has a proven value within both the Black community and Nova Scotia’s economy. In the last two years alone, our program participation levels have grown by more than 60%, a number that will only increase as we respond to Now or Never One Nova Scotia report. We work with children as young as 8 to adults up to the age of 35. We’ve developed an extensive range of programs to help address the needs of three segmented age groups: 8-15,16-20 and 21-35.

We envision a future where program participants will highlight their involvement with Business is Jammin’ on resumes, business loan applications, and speaking engagements. We aim to be the premier partner in mentoring and guiding Black youth to be in-demand members of the business world.

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