Annual JV Culture Clash


JAMAICA VIBES PRESENTS THE ANNUAL JV CULTURE CLASH Venue : 5640 Spring Garden Road. (Upstairs Spring Garden place, Entrance on Dresden Row) Date : April 20th, 2019 Time : Doors open 9pm. Cash Prize : $1500.00 Buy in : $150 per sound - Rules of Engagement - 1. Strictly no song repetition. Only counteractions. If a crew plays a record already played earlier in the night, they’re disqualified from winning that round. Only exception: the record is explicitly announced as a counteraction and somehow altered (dubplate, remix, live performance, etc.) 2. Exceeding allotted play time will result in disqualification. 3. No cursing/ profanity. 4.Each clash is controlled by the host & host alone. They have full authority to enforce the rules both during and after each round. Their decision is final. 5. Culture Clash is split into four rounds. - Rounds - 1. HOT WATA ( No Points ) Each sound will be thrown into the pit at random to perform a 30 min Crowd Warm Set. This allows the sounds to each introduce themselves to the audience & get the crowd amped up for the clash 2. Selecta (Open Format.) (1 Point ) Each sound will play for 30 minutes from which versatility will be the primary deciding factor. The sound which performs the most fluent, lively and versatile set will be judged solely by the crowd..."This is a culture clash so the mixing of one genre throughout the night will not get you very far." 3. Anything a Anything (Open Format.) ( Knock Out Round [K.O] ) Each sound will get 30 mins to perform a "hype" open format segment where points are awarded to the sound for song selection, crowd reaction, Mixing & technical ability. Sounds which do not advance or receive a null response will not be allowed to continue. 4. Chune for Chune ( 1 point / round ) Each sound will be allowed to play their biggest hits & most captivating dub specials in a final 2 round head to head battle. Winner of these rounds are solely based on crowd reaction If a draw, sudden death & one final round to decide the winner HOSTED BY : KINZ Registration Deadline April 15th. DM FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Sat April 20, 2019 09:00 pm To: Sun - April 21, 2019
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