[SUBMISSION] - Are You Interested in Your Community's Health


If you are concerned about the health of your community and the communities around you, consider volunteering with us. Community Health Boards are groups of volunteers from your community. They work together to improve health & wellness where we live, work, play and learn. We encourage people who live in the areas of Eastern Passage, Cole Harbour, East Preston, North Preston, Cherry Brook, Lake Loon, Mineville and Lawrencetown to apply. The community volunteers who serve on the board actively seak public input into the health concerns of the community based organization to address the issues raised. Together with other groups, the board supports many different community initiatives that aim to improve health. For more information visit our website: www.communityhealthboards.ns.ca or contact our Coordinator at: (902) 460-6869 Monique.mullins-roberts@nshealth.ca


Monique Mullins-Roberts

Phone: (902) 460-6869

Website: http://www.communityhealthboards.ns.ca


Nova Scotia