Stand Out: The Ultimate Content Marketing Guide By Ross Simmonds


It's the perfect next step for you to take on your journey to content marketing success. It gives you the chance to take a step back from just the HOW, and really understand the WHY behind content marketing. With click-through rates on online ads plummeting and the amount of competition increasing, businesses are looking for results. In a world where there is more noise than ever before, it’s important to create content worth reading, creating and sharing. Over the last five years I’ve worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to startups making the headlines of TechCrunch. I’ve studied some of the greatest marketers of our time and have spent hours on top of hours focusing on what efforts will drive meaningful and measurable results. When my clients ask for marketing support, I use the power of content to influence the perceptions of their target audiences to drive meaningful results. I’m not talking JUST about getting traffic. I’m talking about an impact on the bottom line. People have told me that influencing peoples perceptions against their will isn’t something to brag about. At the end of the day, changing perceptions and using content marketing to drive results is what I do. With a great strategy, a good plan, and a solid grip on content marketing as a whole, you can generate success from content marketing as well.


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