Ride or Die By Wanda Lauren Taylor


This novel is based on real-life experiences and events in small town Nova Scotia and Toronto. The story recounts how a 15-year-old Black girl finds herself beaten, emotionally abused, sold to a pimp, and working in the sex trade. 15-year-old Kanika lives a sheltered life with her aunt in Guysborough, a small town in Nova Scotia. But that all changes when her best friend disappears after hanging out with some older boys. While trying to find out what happened, Kanika gets the attention of Danny, an older teen she has always found attractive. After establishing that Kanika is his "ride or die chick" and will do anything for him, Danny sells her into the sex trade. Kanika is raped and taken to Toronto, where she finds her friend has been a victim of the same sex trafficking plot. The two girls experience the hard and dangerous life of sex workers. Kanika never gives up her plans to escape. With help and strength given by an older girl who is a sex worker by choice, Kanika gets away from the people abusing her and makes her way home.

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Nova Scotia