Local Green Space and Well Being Survey


Greenspaces are an important part of our everyday life. Whether parks or natural areas, gardens or playgrounds, forests or paths, people use greenspaces differently for many benefits. In Nova Scotia, a majority of the residents stated the role of green areas in contributing to the quality of their living environment as very important. Why do you use the many green areas in your community? Do you use them to recreate and other leisure activities? Do you go to them to socialize or to be with family and friends? Perhaps you like green spaces for the quietness and ability to relax and clear your mind? In order to design and manage the best parks, trails, and greenspace system, we need to know about how you use greenspaces - its natural areas, trails, playgrounds, woodlands and forests, water edges and rivers, sportsfields, gardens, and other open land areas. The interactive map allows you to share ideas about a specific green area, or even a special, unique place within a greenspace you visit. By responding to the survey, you can participate in gathering information on these important topics and impact the future of the region's greenspaces. Your participation will help policy makers and Councils make decisions which support human wellbeing and the design and management of the many greenspaces within your neighborhood and community. Upon completion of the survey, you will be eligible to receive one of three $50 VISA gift cards to be selected at random at the end of the survey time. Thank you very much for your time. Please contact me should you have further questions or ideas. Richard leBrasseur, PhD Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture Director, The Green Infrastructure Performance Lab Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences EE Building, Room 223 Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada B2N 5E3 902.893.6663 r.lebrasseur@dal.ca


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