Diabetes Canada Online Questionnaires


In Canada, 11 million people are living with diabetes or prediabetes – that’s one in three of us. Diabetes Canada is designing a national diabetes strategy. Right now, finding health care, medication, and support is easier for some Canadians and harder for others, depending on what province or territory you live in. Diabetes Canada’s proposed national strategy, called Diabetes 360, intends to create a set of country-wide goals and standards that will be used to ensure that all Canadians living with, or at risk of diabetes have access to high quality care, medications, and diabetes-related supports. In order to strengthen our voice to government, we need your help. Please fill out this questionnaire that asks about the challenges you may have in managing your diabetes (or being a caregiver of someone with diabetes), and how a national diabetes strategy might help you better manage your diabetes. Your responses will remain confidential. Thank you for participating and adding your voice to Diabetes 360.


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