Black Youth Ice Hockey Program


Welcome parents and players to the 10th Annual Black Youth Ice Hockey Initiative program which takes place each week at the BMO Centre, 61 Gary Martin Drive, Bedford NS. We believe that Hockey is Canada’s Game and should be available to all youth. We offer an introductory skating/hockey program that is essential to an early entry into Minor Hockey. Schedule: All practice sessions (18 sessions) are scheduled for Saturdays, running from October 20th 2018 to Saturday March 16th 2019, at 1:45 – 2:35 (50 minute sessions) at the BMO Centre on Rink C.  There will be no ice sessions scheduled for November 10th 2018 and March 9th 2019  Ice sessions on November 24th and March 16th will take place from 2:00‐3:00pm on Rink A. Please plan to arrive early so that your son or daughter can be on the ice ON TIME and enjoy the full practice. To save time, your child can put on all of the hockey gear at home, leaving only the skates, helmet and gloves to be put on at the Arena. We stress the importance of consistent attendance as that will be important in the development of your child’s progress throughout the season. This is an early introduction to Hockey – Canada’s Game. Let’s make it FUN for your child. Support your child and show respect for others. Get involved – take your child skating – watch a hockey game together. Hang up the gear to dry after practice and check the gear bag before practice to make sure that all of the equipment is in the bag. Wash and keep the hockey gear clean and air out the hockey bag after each practice. Be sure to check all equipment before leaving for the rink. For insurance reasons NO PARENTS ARE PERMITTED ON THE ICE!! Players should have marked water bottles with their name on the player’s bench. Parents can watch the practice from the upstairs spectators viewing area or in the hallway outside of the locker rooms and outside of the glass. For the first week or two parents can be available around the bench should their child needs support. However there are lots of coaches and support staff available and we want all players to be able to participate with no distractions. Parents are requested to stay in the Rink during practices to support your child and to be available for bathroom breaks or other emergencies. Equipment: Players are responsible for getting their own equipment. Starter kits are available at stores such as Canadian Tire, Walmart or other local sports stores. You will be able to find used equipment at second hand gear stores such as Sports Wheels in Sackville. Sport Check does some trade‐ins as well for skates. Players are required to wear the full set of equipment which consists of;  Base Layer (shirt, shorts, socks)  Jock protector for males, Jill protector for females  Shin Pads  Hockey Socks  Pants  Shoulder Pads  Elbow Pads  Skates  Helmet  Gloves  Stick  Neck Protector  Jersey (will be provided for all players from Hockey Nova Scotia) All players will receive a Hockey Nova Scotia jersey to keep and to wear for the duration of the season. Fees: There is a fee in place for all players at a cost of $200.00. Payment can be made on site at the first ice session on Saturday October 20th. Cash or cheque will be accepted. Black Youth Ice Hockey Staff and Volunteers: Hockey Nova Scotia Staff: Brad Taylor, Manager of Development Programs, Hockey Nova Scotia Black Ice Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame Society: Wilfred Jackson, President, Black Ice Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame Society Volunteer On‐Ice Lead Instructors: Larry Woodland, Dean Smith Volunteer Off‐Ice Support (bench/dressing rooms): Wilfred Jackson, Calvin Barton Have Fun, Enjoy the Sessions, Be Patient and Be Positive at all times!!! For questions contact; Brad Taylor ‐ Hockey Nova Scotia: Dean Smith – Black Youth Ice Hockey Society: Calvin Barton – Black Youth Ice Hockey Society:


Black Ice Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame Society

Black Ice Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame Society

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The organization was established as a not for profit organization on May 27, 2009 in the Province of Nova Scotia. The mandate of the organization is to promote awareness of the roles played by Blacks in Hockey and other notable sports.


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