ABSW Summer Scholar Program (2019)

Nova Scotia , Canada
ABSW Summer Scholar Program (2019)

ABSW Summer Scholar Program (2019)

Nova Scotia , Canada


ABSW is currently looking to hire the following for our summer program this year:
Project Coordinator
Literacy Teacher
Recreational Staff
Food Services Coordinator

Summer Scholar Program (2019) Staff Responsibilities and Requirements

The Deadline to submit your resume and Cover Letter is June 17th at 4:00pm.

Coordinator/Master Teacher
• Organize and implement Summer Scholar Program
• Plan, organize, manage, Running Records & literacy component of program
• Plan, organize, manage, STEAM component of program
• Liaison between teachers, ACS, care-givers, and local community groups
• Participate in program recruitment and student outreach
• Provide periodic reports to stakeholders and partners
• Create an Africentric learning environment for students
• Budget & financial records upkeep

• Knowledge of Africentric philosophy
• Knowledge of good practice in student learning
• Knowledge of student wellbeing
• Understanding of and sensitivity to student learning needs in the African Nova Scotian community
• Five years teaching experience
• Graduate degree, preferably in Education
• Holds a valid First Aid certificate


Teachers (2 part-time)
• Support learners in small group instruction
• Liaison between learners and other educators
• Participate in recruitment process
• Provide periodic report to Coordinator/Master Teacher
• Support an Africentric learning environment
• Manage and support Running Records, literacy, program/assessment/evaluations

• Knowledge of Africentric philosophy
• Knowledge of good practices in student learning
• Knowledge of student wellbeing
• Awareness and analysis of elementary students in the African Nova Scotian community


Recreation Coordinator (1 full-time or 2 part-time)
• Recreation coordinator will contribute to the overall operation and the delivery of the Summer Scholar Program.
• Will take direction from the Coordinating Teacher.
• Develop and implement activities and leads children in a variety of settings including the classroom, recreational areas and may direct indoor and outdoor games.
• Responsible for coordinating and leading groups of students, works as part of a team and reports to the Coordinating Teacher.

• Experience and an awareness of elementary students in the African Nova Scotian community
• High School Diploma or equivalent
• Experience in professional child-care setting and knowledge of life skills with youth
• Physical abilities consistent with requirements of the job which may include personal and physical care/support
• First Aid/CP training certificate

Competencies Required:
• The ability to supervise children in a variety of settings
• The ability to treat all students in a respectful, responsible and equitable manner
• The ability to apply appropriate responses to student-initiated interactions
• The ability to apply fair and sound judgement
• Strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
• The ability to apply knowledge and experience of health and safety requirements
• The ability to take direction
• The ability to lead and participate in recreational activities
• The ability to work effectively as part of a team

Specific Job Components:
• Recreation staff shall perform tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the Coordinating Teacher. These tasks may vary and are not limited to the following.
• Delivers recreational based activates
• Report incidents and accidents
• Participate in the development and implementation of the program plan
• Supervises students in a safe leaning environment
• Leads outside play activates
• Facilitates positive interaction among project students
• Provides feedback and observations to Project Leader and Teachers
• Attends and participates in staff meetings and orientation session
• Other duties as required by Coordinating Teacher


Food Coordinator
The successful candidate of the Food Coordinator position will be responsible for planning, managing resources, and proving a variety of nutritious snacks, and meals using a variety of healthy foods to students from grade 3 to grade 6, attending the Summer Scholar Program at each site. The Food Coordinator is also responsible for administrating and monitoring the food budget and is responsible for submitting all receipts at the end of the program.

Competencies required:
• Prepare and follow weekly menus
• Provide nutritious snacks and meals
• Prepare breakfast, snacks and lunches, on time for the students
• Organize and maintain safe storage of food
• Clean and organize the preparation space (e.g., kitchen)
• Purchase all food, beverages, and supplies
• Track the food inventory
• Replenish the food supplies
• Monitor the food spending to stay on budget
• Submit all receipts
• Provide feedback at the end of the Summer Scholar Program on meal plan
Skills and Knowledge include:
• Demonstrated experience in food preparation and food service
• Planning skills
• Ability to work independently

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Nova Scotia , Canada

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