Song Review: Family Man by Alex "Cunny" Ross

Alex "Cunny" Ross

NAME OF ARTIST: Alex "Cunny" Ross
GENRE: HIP-HOP fused with RnB
PUBLISHED ON: August 2, 2019

Alex "Cunny" Ross, known for his Family Over Fame campaign made a comeback with Family Man music video after releasing She's Down in January 23, 2017 and HIP-HOP that featured Mikaylaa States in May 2015.

The message of this song is to show men that raising a family is not only by providing the financial needs. It's the little things like making breakfast, cleaning the house and creating time to spend with your family.

He has employed the use of rhyme to create melody and rhythm
I.e. "anybody touches you I turn into a killer,
My mother raised me good I'll put a ring around your finger,"
The slow beat enables the message to be clearly heard.

The strength of this song is the content, it has a great message as how one is raised affects the child's behavior later in life. 'Family is where your story begins'.
The weakness of this song is in the video when he prepares and serves breakfast for the child instead of the whole family.

In conclusion, this is a great song as it might revolutionize the good hip-hop to come back as most of today's hip-hop is about glorifying money, crime and drug use.

Watch Family Man by Alex "Cunny" Ross (Official Video)


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