Paul Kobia in support for amendment of Kenya 2010 Constitution and vying for top seat

Paul Kobia, has come out to back and fully support referendum to amend the current constitution of Kenya (Constitution of Kenya, 2010).

“We have too many positions that need to be scrapped. All the money from the exchequer is going out to pay the wage bills. We will never develop that way,” he said. Adding that he instructed his team of lawyers to come with suitable specifications for Kenyans.

In his proposal, Paul Kobia has vowed to run for the top office in 2022 (The Presidential Seat). He is suggesting a “triple-eight system” consisting of eight governors, eight senators and eight women representatives without reducing the number of county assembly members.

In addition, I will tackle, unemployment by structuring human resource in every Kenya Embassies abroad to source for employment for Kenyans youths. He mentioned also stating that his issues or agenda and plans is being drafted which will be published on his version 1.0 Political Campaign Website.

“With population of 42 million, why do we need 47 counties will all these administrators? Let’s slash the counties to a lesser number, merge some constituencies and give more powers to the president so as to reduce corruption among politicians who ask for bribes before approving presidential nominees.” he added.

Paul Kobia vowed to use his resources if that is what it takes to change the constitution. “I will use everything I have to bring that change for the benefit of our generation. If it means me running for president to make this possible, so be it!” he said.


For more information about Paul Kobia plans to make Kenya a better place, please visit his political website or email if you have any question or would like to support his plans, please email his team at

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21 Nov 2018

By Victor Nyangule