Truff Daddy 24K

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Nova Scotia , Canada
Truff Daddy 24K
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Truff Daddy 24K

Nova Scotia , Canada


BLACK TRUFFLE HOT SAUCE - Created using Italian Black Truffles & Locally Sourced Ingredients producing a Luxurious Experience I like to call 24K

I am a creation of an Italian Truffle Dad and his Polyamorous Pepper relationships proudly born & raised in one of the greatest cities in the world - Toronto, Canada.

Throughout my various expeditions around our globe, I have hand picked exotic ingredients & spices from the West - Far East so that you may reignite your love within for Unique and Delicious experiences.

This intercourse of ingredients are bound with intentions of leaving you with a lasting essence... My drop will make you burp, the signature TRUFF DADDY© Truffle Burp!


Nova Scotia , Canada

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