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by Victor NYANGULE on August 13, 2019
Is There Any Person Richer Than You?
by Victor NYANGULE on August 13, 2019
I was raised in a small Kenyan town where everyone knew everybody, and at that time, people seemed to genuinely care about their neighbors. My grand parents were not a wealthy but we could afford what's necessary. Summary, we were middle class family... Read full article
by Victor NYANGULE on August 12, 2019
About Face: Facial Recognition Trends in 2019
by Victor NYANGULE on August 12, 2019
Facial recognition involves of using facial image scanning to match or authenticate identities and collection of data. In this case, quite number of different technologies can work together with facial recognition to achieve a wide variety of goals.... Read full article
by Victor NYANGULE on July 23, 2019
Top 5 Ways to Spot PHISHING EMAILS Every Time
by Victor NYANGULE on July 23, 2019
If you're a business owner, it's essential to be aware of common phishing techniques and red flags and to educate your employees on them. By doing so, you can help protect your company from financial losses and other serious consequences of phishing.... Read full article
On April 25th, Statistics Canada released updated Provincial/Territorial Culture Indicators (PTCI) from the Culture Satellite Account (CSA).... Read full article
African Nova Scotian Affairs (ANSA) will be sharing short narratives over the next four weeks about various people, history and symbolism of African Heritage. Week one: What you give you get, ten times over... Read full article

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