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Bridget is from the community of East Preston and was coming home to die (Stage 4 Cancer). She turned her situation into something victorious by creating 21 self-help books to help others. What Bridget finds intriguing is when strangers say the books helped them. This is how she describes it: “I found the power and passion by not allowing my circumstances to define me. Looking at the past as experience to find my purpose through my pain as I moved forward”.

Bridget knows how critical it is to get back on track and she chose to do so by developing and launching a number of books based on improving one's lifestyle and means of living. Bridget's strength lies in her capacity to challenge herself and transform adversity into a powerful sense of self-worth. Nothing gets her down, even when she is down; she looks inward and upward by picking herself up. Bridget fought for her life. She is a survivor of Stage 4 Cancer since 2013 and she is enormously grateful. After her diagnosis, she decided to fight back, by transforming her lifestyle and entire self. She challenged herself and with determination, diligence and patience begun to rebuild her life piece by piece. Her personality, strength of character, dedication and timeliness captured others. Not to mention her strong faith and belief in God. Bridget is influential in teaching others how to overcome such difficulties in life through her books. She is tenacious with will power to overturn her circumstances. She has dedicated some of the books to family and friends who impacted her life.

Bridget was also mentioned in the 2018 International Best Selling book Co-authorized, where she was given an award and status of International Best Selling Author. 

Over the years, Bridget has volunteered with the following organisations: Debtfree program (frugal spending facilitator), Dress for Success Vancouver (alumni), Women in Trades and Technology (Board of Directors), East Preston Day Care Centre (Board of Director), Community Elections, NBEC Conference and Golf Tournament, Congress of Black Women- Preston and Area Chapter, East Preston Lioness Club, YMCA City Wide Planning Committee (Board of Director), Canvassing for Metro United Way, Cancer Society, and the Heart Fund. 

A percentage of the proceeds of Bridget’s books will go to the Cancer Society. 


What are you most proud of professionally? And who or why?

My transformational journey. 

Coming out of the shadows of others and stepping into something empowering. Helping others has been something taught from childhood. 

Stepping out and speaking out. 

Being a vessel of recovery and having a voice which is impacting others. 

Being given the opportunity to speak, facilitate, present, to have written 21 books that are on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles. 

To receive a number of awards and acknowledgements just for being real and transparent - I was not ready for this. I look back over these things and say wow, this is truly humbling. The fear factor is now facing everything and releasing it. 


What’s your vision for Atlantic Canada in 10 years? What’s our biggest opportunity now?

Our biggest opportunities are frugal spending workshops, empowering women through focus groups sessions and workshops, leadership for youth and training recognizing and tapping into the hidden talents. Celebrating and recognizing their values, expertise, and many talents. Providing them with the appropriate training and workshops they will need to continue to be their best globally. Helping them to find that power and light within themselves. To continue to inspire and reach those who need to be reached. I was once that hidden voice.  

To be in intellectual thinking mode. 

To pour out wisdom, prosperity, and love.  

To reach people where they are. 


What was your greatest stage of growth? What made it a shift for you?

When people actually tell me that the books helped them or a family member. 

Using my personal life experience and writing about it. 

Not realizing how my books and my story would impact or affect others. 

Finding that through the different stages of this journey, to not just exist. I now actually have a voice by being transparent. People love realness and intention. 

This experience has taught me a lot more about people – our commonalities. Having the opportunity to listen to the stories and experiences of others and how my outlook on life has gave them hope. 

Believing that everything happens for a reason and a season and you can learn from it. I am not defined by my past circumstances. 

My growth factor to date has been starting my life over and being a survivor. I believe that life is a constant work in progress. Realizing I have more potential than I thought. Rebuilding my life and transforming into a more empowered women. Being able to still find ways to learn and grow every day. To enhance, and embrace changes, and transformation.


What’s your favourite or most read book or podcast? Now or at each of your greatest stages of growth?

The Bible, and The Power of Positive Thinking.


What’s your deepest learning from this past year? How did/will you apply it?

I believe that our very existence is to help others through our experiences and transparency. I believe that no one should feel powerless. I know that the fire is in each and every person. I have embraced who I have become. 

To seek wholeness and unity, to support one another, and to reach those in need. 

I am open to being more optimistic. My life lesson has been turned into a blessing to thrive and not just survive. 

When you reach the top don’t forget where you came from. Be humble in whatever you do and don’t take things for granted. Every day is a learning which is part of your transformation. Make changes for your betterment. To remember that better days are coming. If I can help others than focusing on my own living, then it is not in vain. 

Feed your mind with faith, love, and truth. 

My hidden talents I was not aware of.   

Don’t allow your downfalls and setbacks block your talents.  

To be a Woman of Integrity, Wisdom, & Worth.

Who’s inspired you, directly or indirectly? How have they inspired you?

God for showing grace and mercy for my life. The community role models in particular my parents Sinclair Williams (First Black Police Officer in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia) and Dolly Williams (Advocate, Activist, Speaker, etc) - that our living should not be in vain. 

Senator Wanda Thomas-Bernard - God is using you to do great work, keep it up. 

Yvonne Atwell (First African-Nova Scotian woman elected as a member of the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly) - Keep up the wonderful work. You are an inspiration to all of us. 

Bonnie O’Toole (President -Marketing Pursuits Business) – You can do this - if you are passionate about it, I believe in you. 

Ann Divine (Ashanti Leadership) - Told me to write because I have talent and a gift. 

Eleanor Beaton (Fierce Women Leadership) – Don’t hide and get out there, your voice needs to be heard. 

Dr. Carolyn Thomas (Historian and Story Teller) – You have the intellect and the skills to make a difference. 

Roger Smith (Black Business Initiative) - You are doing a great thing and I am happy for your continued success. 

So many others just because they are paving the way for me. The plethora of individuals whose lives I have touched. 

What would you have done differently?

Being a woman and the stereotypes that still exist – the astigmatism of empowering women. 

Trusting myself or my abilities. 

Not listening to self-doubt. 

Adversity through inequality and racial bias. 

There is more than one way to do things. 

Realizing that I need help. 

Protecting my children from the system which is racially biased - making sure they stay strong and confident when faced with adversity and wanting equality of opportunity for all. It is important that I not just step back and let it happen. 

My book, All is Forgiven, is about releasing and letting go of all the hurt and pain and not be consumed by it. The book about Take Back What was Stolen is about re-defining that inner power you lost by removal of the root causes that has blocked you from your blessings. I have to be a part of the change. This world is filled with a lot of negatives, but your world doesn’t have to revolve around that. You must make your own world a much better one for you. We must treat every race with respect because we are the human race. PEOPLE STUCK ON YOUR PAST AND NOT THE PRESENT. 

I moved on, I no longer live in the past. I had to learn and take the initiative to forgive the things of the past and present. 


What are the principles you live by?

God will always be my umbrella. 

There is nothing you can't achieve in this life. 

Take control of your life and be responsible for the only one you have. 

Take action, not excuses. 

Be grateful every day. 

Live with integrity. 

Follow your purpose. 

Live your dreams. 

Be convinced with conviction. 

Treat others with the same respect you want. 

Be humble and intentional in all that you do. 

Become better than yesterday

To believe and feel empowered, motivated, uplifted, and appreciated.  

You become what you think.  

Your destination is where you want to be. 

Creating oneself endlessly. Don’t be afraid to start over. 

Be an encourager and not a discourager. 

Don’t carry the past with me. Forgiving sets you free. 

Make your life an exclamation not an explanation. 

Spread positivity the world has enough critics. 


If you’re interested in checking out my books, they’re available on Amazon:



Or, Barnes and Nobles

And my Youtube channel: Food for thought (audios) 

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